November 5, 2017 by Sean O'Leary
GOP-Trump Tax Framework Is a Big Tax Cut for the Wealthy, Leaving Little for Everyone Else

The tax framework released last week by President Trump and Republican congressional leaders would result in huge tax cuts for the wealthiest households, while offering little to middle- and lower-income families. In West Virginia, the richest one percent of residents would receive 39.1 percent of the tax cuts within the state under the framework in 2018, according to…

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July 5, 2017 by Ted Boettner
Yes, State Government and Taxes Are Shrinking

When lawmakers passed a "bare-bones" state budget, some lawmakers  expressed that the state government needs to "live within its means" because of our "shrinking population and tax base." Other lawmakers have suggested that our state budget is too big and that we will need to "continue making cuts to programs and services" and that we should…

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June 23, 2017 by Ted Boettner
A Short History of the 2017 Budget Crisis in West Virginia (So Far)

This week, Governor Justice said he would let the state budget become law instead of signing it because the budget contained so many cuts ( a "travesty") and that his proposed tax plans failed to become law. Governor Justice mostly blamed Democrats and Republicans in the House of Delegates, along with the Senate Democrats, for…

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June 8, 2017 by Caitlin Cook
Guest Blog: Kansas’ Experiment Yields Valuable Lessons

Heidi Holliday, Executive Director of the Kansas Center for Economic Growth   You're welcome, America. Our state, Kansas, just wrapped up a 5-year long experiment in governance from which the other 49 states can now glean some important lessons. The Kansas Legislature has voted to roll back much of the 2012 package of tax cuts…

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April 17, 2017 by Ted Boettner
Compromise Tax Bill Falls Onto Working Families, Makes Budget Crisis Worse

On the last night of the 2017 Legislative Session, the Senate and the Governor appeared to have worked on a tax plan compromise bill that would make sweeping changes to the state's tax system that would exacerbate our state's budget crisis and shift the tax load onto working families to make room for tax breaks…

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April 13, 2017 by Ted Boettner
On the Brink: Closing West Virginia’s Budget Gap

This West Virginia Center on Budget and Policy Issue Brief, On the Brink: Closing West Virginia’s Budget Gap, released today, details the various budget proposals offered by Governor Jim Justice and the West Virginia Legislature to close the state’s nearly $500 million budget deficit. Read the full brief. The legislature passed a budget with major cuts…

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April 5, 2017 by Ted Boettner
House Tax Plan Comes Up Short

Today,  the House approved a tax plan (SB 484) that broadens the sales tax base and lowers the rate to balance the House's budget (HB 2018). Altogether, the tax plan is expected to increase tax revenue in its first two years, while lowering tax revenue by year three. This is because of revenue triggers in…

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April 4, 2017 by Sean O'Leary
Senate Budget Bill Cuts Higher Ed by Another $41 Million

The state Senate's version of the FY 2018 budget bill has been released, giving a glimpse into how the legislature plans to close the state's budget gap. The Senate's bill spends $402.6 million less from the General Revenue Fund than Governor Justice's proposed budget, meaning that once again, the budget is being balanced largely through spending…

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March 27, 2017 by Sean O'Leary
State Budget Cuts Hit Higher Education Hard

This West Virginia Center on Budget and Policy Issue Brief, State Budget Cuts Hit Higher Education Hard, released today, details the impact of multiple years of budget cuts to the state’s public higher education institutions.  Read the full brief. Falling public support for the state’s universities and colleges has led to tuition rising, making the reality of…

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